All City Orchestra 2014-2015

6th Grade
C. Hurst
M. Tryphonas
G. Ashley
D. Betts
C. Clabon
G. Hart-Williams
C. Anderson
J. Hill
C. Munk
E. Preece
N. Simon
C. Myers

7th Grade

V. Frazier
A. Gauerke
W. Kim
T. McCoy
M. Pham
K. Westbrook
C. Goeb
G. Gontarek
A. Lee
C. Graham
B. Marchetti

Congratulations to the following students

Junior District Orchestra 2014-2015

7th Grade

A. Armstrong, Violin

L. Bernheimer, Violin

V. Frazier, Violin

A. Gauerke, Violin

J. Gibson, Violin

W. Kim, Violin

T. McCoy, Violin

M. Pham, Violin

C. Russell, Violin

C. Everett, Viola

C. Goeb, Viola

G. Contarek, Viola

A. Lee, Viola

P. Lindeman, Cello

B. Kimball, Bass

A. Walker, Bass

8th Grade

A. Bennett, Violin

D. Carter, Violin

M. Casper, Violin

A. Foster, Violin

P. Short, Violin

T. Steiner, Violin

R. Thomas, Violin

A. Aguilera, Viola

T. Rogers, Viola

J. Weaver, Viola

D. Shepard, Cello

S. Logwood, Bass

Z. Weatherington, Bass

Jolliff Middle School

Honors & Awards

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